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Naughty – or Developmentally Appropriate?

-by Mimi Rothschild Children are all different. This is one of the reasons that homeschooling is such a blessing for so many families. Teaching your children at home allows you to respond to the different needs, the varied interests, and the strengths and weaknesses of each child. But there are some things that we can [...]

The Light at the Beginning of the Tunnel

  By: Michael C. Broome Home schooling is not only a right of each and every American, it is also a joy with blessings that many home schoolers wouldn't trade for anything. Not just the children, but the mothers and fathers that give so much of their time to ensure their children have the best [...]

Home Schooling Virtual Schools are Meeting the Needs of America’s Students

By Mimi Rothschild Virtual schools, cyber school, online academies. These terms seemed foreign to most Americans ten years ago, but with advancements in technology and the deterioration of the public school system, virtual schools are growing in popularity. The Tucson Citizen documents the growth of virtual schools in Arizona. Below is what some Arizona students [...]

Home Schoolers Stay Active and Debunk Socialization Myth

By Mimi Rothschild One of the best aspects of homeschooling is that it allows families to have flexible schedules while also allowing home schooling students the opportunity to pursue their passions. If a student wants to learn more about World War Two then he or she can learn more. If a student wants to study [...]

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