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    Course Description Expand your knowledge of music with this fascinating look at what people have been listening to  for a hundred years, Jazz from New Orleans to Big Band From Elvis to the Beatles Spiritual Music Modern Classical Music     SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Algebra 1 Online Course

    Course Description Algebra 1 covers concepts all the way from arithmetic to roots and radicals. Real numbers and variables Solving equations and inequalities Factoring polynomials Graphing linear equations Algebra 1 covers early algebra concepts including arithmetic and evaluation of expressions involving signed numbers, exponents and roots, equations and inequalities involving absolute value, scientific notation, unit conversions, solution of equations in one or several variables, polynomials and rational expressions, graphical solution of simultaneous equations and functions, factoring, Pythagorean theorem, algebraic proofs, solution of quadratic equations, direct and inverse variation, exponential growth, and using algebra to solve geometric problems. Homeschool Algebra does not require any prerequisites. SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Algebra 2 Online Course

    Course Description: Algebra 2 provides the basis for a continuing program in higher math, including Trigonometry and Calculus. Equations, inequalities and exponents Quadratic equations Rational expressions Creating graphs An extension of Algebra 1, Algebra 2 will review and expand skills already mastered while introducing new skills. Algebra 2 provides the basis for Trigonometry and Calculus. SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Course Description: This course teaches the intricacies of the different levels of government in United States of America. The constitution The Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches The history of U.S. government Protecting the American spirit How does the United States interact with international powers? What is the purpose of the government during times of crisis? Explore your government up close in this course. American Government teaches the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch, and how they interact. Students explore how outside factors such as special interest groups and the media affect the government. SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Course Description: American History 1 covers our nation’s history from Native Americans through Reconstruction. The first Americans The Thirteen Colonies The Revolutionary War The Civil War This is the first of two American History courses covered in middle school. American History 1 covers our nation's history from Native Americans through Reconstruction. It is a chronological progression through the infant years of our nation. Explore how our nation began, the battles fought and the genius minds that formed the Land of the Free. SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Course Description: Urban Growth The Way West Impact of Industry World Wars 1 and 2 This course is a continuation of American History 1, reviewing the Civil War and Westward Expansion, progressing into modern history. American History 2 explores issues that occur when a country is a world leader. Highlighting many of the key events of the 20th Century such as the World Wars, The Great Depression and The Cold War through the Bush Presidency and 9/11, this course examines American actions and the consequences that are still affecting us today. SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Course Description: The skeletal and muscular systems The digestive system The central nervous system Genetics and the circulatory system Human Anatomy and Physiology examines the basic concepts of structure and function of the human body. Processes of cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, digestive, and reproductive body systems are surveyed. Organ systems are discussed and special topics include nutrition, cancers, and use of androgens. Completion of Biology is highly recommended prior to enrolling in this course. SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Course Description: Ancient America The ancient Mideast Ancient Europe Cultural Comparisons Do you ever think about how the very first group of people lived and survived before there was any technology? Do you ever wonder how language developed or who discovered fire? Ancient Civilizations provides an exciting look into the world's very first cultures. SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    AP Biology Online Course

    Course Description AP Biology forms a conceptual framework of biology as a modern and evolving science while preparing students to pass the AP Biology test. Fosters personal scientific inquiry Unifies biological themes Applies biological knowledge to community issues Prepares student for AP Biology test SUPPORT MATERIALS
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      Course Description AP English Language examines the writer's purpose and audience expectations. Effective Writing Guidelines Professional Communication Skills Critiquing English Language AP Test Preparation AP English Language examines the writer's purpose and audience expectations, as well as learning the general conventions and rhetorical practices that contribute to effective writing. This course is particularly useful as a preparation for college writing and professional communication skill.   SUPPORT MATERIALS  
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    Course Description: AP English Literature engages students in the careful reading and critical analysis of some of the greatest works of literature Features close study of selected texts Wide variety of literary theories and devices AP Test Preparation Literary Theory AP English Literature engages students in the careful reading and critical analysis of some of the greatest works of literature. By closely studying the carefully selected texts, students will be exposed to a wide variety of literary theories and devices which they will learn how to identify and interpret.   SUPPORT MATERIALS
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    Course Description: Wars of Religion The Age of Reason National Developments across Europe The World Wars AP European History is a comprehensive guide that leads students through the rich and varied history of Europe from the time of the Roman Empire to beyond the Renaissance. While progressing through the various historic periods, students will gain an understanding of and appreciation for the epic development of Western Civilization. Additionally, students will gain a better understanding of the world today, as well as many of the contemporary issues at hand. SUPPORT MATERIALS