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Home Schooling Program Testimonials

What are home schooling families saying about the Morningstar Academy Home Schooling Program & Home School Curriculum? Read more to find out!

Online Home School Program

"This is our first time home schooling and we love it! The online program keeps [student] engaged in his work in a way I never thought possible. The interactivity and fact that his school is 'inside the computer' makes him excited about learning. I give MorningStar a A+!" - K.S. of Beckley, WV

"...we love The MorningStar Academy! The online teachers, curriculum, videos, and websites are amazing. It's just so much fun for our family!" - E.O. of McCall, ID

"This online program was our last shot at home schooling and it worked. I can't believe we home schooled without the program for so long. Trying to develop lessons... and not just any lessons, but lessons that kept my kids interested... was so difficult on me. I didn't realize there was another option until I found The MorningStar Academy. What a wonderful option for home schooling families. Thank you." - T.F. of Sheldon, MO

"The MorningStar Online Home Schooling Program is the best I've ever seen. I've tried a few others and they never fit my children's needs. MorningStar is a WONDERFUL fit. It's simply the best online education available for kids!" - L.P. of Dover, NH

"MorningStar's online format makes things so much easier for me. Home schooling was always difficult because not only did I have to write the lesson plans, grade the work, and teach the kids, I had to keep records and portfolios and all of the other paperwork required by the state. MorningStar does that for us now. It's so great!" - J.F. of Des Moines, IA

Christian Home Schooling Program

"Being able to provide my children with an education based on God's word is the best thing I've ever been given the opportunity to do. I don't have to supplement state curriculum anymore. Now, they receive a Christian education in all of their schooling. God is no longer an afterthought in their education as He was when they were in public school. This is just what my husband and I have been searching for." - C.K. of Hammond, IN

"My son is finally receiving the biblically-based education I always wanted for him. This home school program is a blessing." - M.C. of Union, MO

"...MorningStar has given me the chance to give my children the Christian education they need. Private school is so expensive. MorningStar really helped my family. Thank you." - C.G. of Crosby, MN

"I love this program! I wanted to home school [student] so badly because I really didn't feel she was receiving the type of education she needed at her private school. MorningStar's Christian home schooling program turned out to be exactly what she needs." - D.O. of Arpin, WI

"My kids love being able to talk about God with their classmates in the social center. I've really seen a change in them." - B.P. of Decatur, TN

Home School Curriculum

"The MorningStar Academy curriculum is fantastic. My son is so engaged... he loves school now." - R.S. of Hinton, WV

"I have tried a million curriculum options. MorningStar's is the best we've used. It's interesting, well-formatted, Christian, and written for home schoolers." - J.V. of Dallas, TX

"I don't have to plan everything by myself! The Academy has written the curriculum, chosen the books, planned the sequence in which material will be taught, listed resources, included video - it's great! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!" - P.D. of Hoover, AL

"This curriculum is so easy to use. My kids absolutely love it." - D.S. of Allegany, NY

"The MorningStar curriculum is challenging, but not too difficult. My kids were able to keep up, but didn't whiz through the work either. They actually learned and enjoyed doing so. This curriculum just provides so much without being confusing. We can't wait for next year!" - K.T. of Diamond City, AK

Home School Program Staff

"The fact that my children can interact with real teachers while home schooling is something I never thought possible. When my daughter has a question, she can 'raise her hand' and get it answered. When my son needs a little direction on a paper, he gets it. It's just a wonderful way to home school." - Y.P. of Aiken, SC

"The Member Services Representatives are extremely helpful and kind." - L.F. of New York, NY

"The staff at The Academy is really accessible. I was a little worried in the beginning that they wouldn't be because it's an online home schooling program. But we can get help via e-mail, IM, and phone!" - B.M. of Douglas, WY

"The MorningStar Admissions Department was so helpful. They really helped point us in the right direction at the beginning of the year." - K.C. of Brook Park, OH

Home Schooling Versus Traditional Schooling

"With The MorningStar Academy, [student] is finally receiving the education she wasn't in public school. She's getting a Christian education from me with all the help she needs... AND she'll still earn a diploma. I only wish we'd found MorningStar before high school!" - P.G. of Beaver Falls, PA

"Everything happening in the schools is just so scary. I had to pull [student] and [student] out. I didn't know what I was going to do because we can't afford private school and I'm not a teacher. After doing some research, I found MorningStar and it's the best thing that's ever happened to us..." - D.H. of Montgomery, AL